A lover of life that’s thriving, not just surviving”. I am a Christian, serving Christ with all my heart, in every season of life. The joys of my life, are the four wonderful lives, I’ve been entrusted with. Their rays of sunshine I treasure and the breath of fresh air they bring, even during those times when I feel like I’m suffocating. My daughters are 21, 20, sons 14, 13, and being a parent is second to none.
Serving Christ through serving his people is an honor, being used by God in any capacity is a privilege. I say that planting the seed of giving cannot compare to the harvest of a changed life. It’s not in a title but instead fulfilling your destiny by trusting God’s blueprint and his design. He will always use whomever that makes them-self available to his plans. You can rest assured, those plans are good and your future in him is expected.
(Jeremiah 29:11)
At 42, loving life does not mean it’s been perfect. I’ve learned to admire the beauty of a rose even with thorns. While appreciating the ride and not focusing on the bumps. At times I’ve had to laugh out loud; to keep from crying within. Reminding myself that with every experience there’s always something to remember. Indeed all things do work for your good when you love God and when you are called according to his purpose/design. (Romans 8:28)
Life’s Blueprint comes from a place of stages, situations, and things I’ve encountered through the journey of living. Like the four seasons, life can be so unpredictable. One must press through always holding on to knowing that all things are possible if you believe. With the process of living one grows through the pain, which presents a challenge to embrace the idea of being and becoming better. At this place called here and now, I choose to “embrace life’s best, by design.”
My desire is to share my heart, that someone would love, hope, trust, and believe again. At times we have to start all over, and it’s OK. The blessing is not in how or when you start but instead how you finish. I aspire to bring insight, provide direction, and inspiration by simply sharing.
In His love,