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The path that you’ve traveled is uniquely yours thus far & will always be.

This means that no other person was blessed with all of your experiences,

lessons, and even those things that you have yet to speak about.

I say blessed, because at times what we endure tends to be a blessing in disguise.

Covered up, wrapped up, and tangled up.

However, what you do becomes the determining factor.

Like traveling through that place that felt so low & so dry.

Let me remind you, the valley experiences will usher you into your high place.

The reality remains, the valley was necessary in order to get you there.

The valley is not only a place full of despair.

I’ll say, it’s where you make progress in the process of obtaining that promise.

A place that brings you closer to grabbing hold of faith.

Those things that you hope for and those things that you have yet to see.

Till now…

At times you may find yourself crawling, or even flat on your face

but step by step & day by day, you will find the way.

Reach forth…

Grab hold…

It is yours for the taking!

Set Sail


It’s once again time to set sail. Even if 2017 was not a year of smooth sailing.

Even if you came to the end of last year, feeling as if the wind was knock out of your sail.

Gather your strength, it’s time for a second wind.

Before you start don’t forget to quiet down & hear from Life’s Captain.

The One that carries you through the storms of life, deep & troubled waters.

He knows where the sun will set, even if it’s on the horizons.

There were things that you had to toss overboard, for they were not needed.

Guess what?

You are equipped & ready like never before.

Not only are you setting sail but the waters are yours to explore.

The wind is blowing & I faintly hear, “I control the wind & the waves.”

“Only I fully know where you’re headed.”

“Trust me to lead the way.”

“Like a compass, I’ll guide you.”

“Anchor your life in me.”

Keep your focus…

All Aboard…

It’s time, let’s go!

Promise Of A Lifetime




The different chapters, were never written to change the end of your story.

In fact it’s all working for good & that’s his promise.

More so, what’s whole heartedly given is never a waste.

Believe, that all things will be accounted for.

Besides you’re only making room for more.

Your tears that flowed only watered that seed & cultivating your soil was the sweat from your brow.

Definitely, all that you need will unfold.

For indeed, there are good things to behold!

So in the meantime & in between time.

Better things await, with all those acquired lessons.

See you’ve only gained wisdom & bitterness was never meant to rest within that heart of yours.

I know that life’s thrown its best punch.

Guess what? Throw it right back!

Those things that have come to rob you, will not persist.

May your sign always display “under 24 hours surveillance or better yet,

“Protected by THE MOST HIGH.”

On today set things in order, they must line up.

History’s already announced, unbreakable is the fabric of who you are.

Matter of fact, you’ve been broken in all the right places.

During creation, you were labeled “GOOD”.

There, and that’s all you can truly be.

His stamp of approval equates to a promise of a lifetime.



What is the core of your foundation?

In all that you do…

Maybe bricks or even sticks.

You know that building upon truth will always cause your efforts to last.

Not saying that things will turn out like you plan.

Instead because of how you build, you can never go under.

For you’re the one, that’s meant to come out the fire.

You’re the one, that will come out the flood.

You’re the one, that was meant to always rise.

See YOU were built to last.

The truth will always bring you to a place of liberation.

Truth in essence, is the root of your very foundation.

Sort of like that thing, the raging storm could never uproot.

One that draws from living waters.

Bringing forth fruit in your season.

I see a tree, planted.

Therefore, life can never cause your efforts to die.

To that I said, indeed you will always rise.

In fact dream yet another dream.

How ridiculous is it?

Yes, that must be the one.

Your productivity is solely based on your posture in the vine. Much fruit in all that you do, is what’s meant to be.

For in this place, you’ve been given a second wind.

So stay your course.

In fact, your end is expected.

For that’s the truth, the only way and your given life.

The pain behind the smile.

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is true then my smile is a reflection of all, I’ve had to endure. A lifetime frown, turned inside out & upside down. Planted in this place, leaves me no other option but to be built up from the ground up.

    Being made from the ashes of despair gives me a permanent reminder. That in the process of time, a garment of gladness is my daily wear. See, being sculpted from heaviness can result to pure joy. A foundation of heartbreak anchors me to a lifetime of gratitude.

    This etched out smile isn’t saying that  everything finally fell in place. What it says is that it all fell apart to be put back together again. This time around, all that resounds is better. Even though the walls were painted with setback, looking at those very walls…

    I now see brighter. From this  place, the journey’s a lil clearer. Oh how far I’ve come. Looking out the window of the only home I’ve known,  leads me to look up and in looking up is where I’ve found it all.

    The pain behind the smile remains my point of reference, in knowing bad you’ve been conditioned to appreciate good. This smile comes from within, and the external holds no weight when it comes to those things that’s within.

    Finally, I’ve discovered that with pain came wisdom, and wisdom that brought understanding. One that ushers you into that place. Now today the birth of what you are continues to unfold, like a story that’s yet to be told. That smile remains a preview of all.

A timeless tale that’s yet to come.

The P.S. of LIFE

A postscript to life’s story, that continues to narrate the unknown.

This added note comes from the things that I too had to endured.

The P.S. of life, your private struggles, will enable you to shine.

Rising above, out of the darkness into the dawning of a new day.

The same place you crawled, you’ll once again see but now you’re in flight.

It’s from a place of higher heights, possessing a deeper depth,

having a new perspective, and a different view point.

Your posture’s changed and now your position, magnifies that lowly place.

That place of isolation where the process happened, remains the point of reference.

You knelt in darkness, now it’s time to stand in the light.

They say “what’s done in the dark will come to light.”

If that’s true, your private struggles denotes your public shine.

Indeed, life will find you standing in the light.


What if 2017 is your set time to discover.

The entrance into a place of  discovering a whole new world, new possibilities, and opportunities.

The process of discovering, being uniquely yours.

Your tailored made expression, that takes you there.

One the utilizes every fabric of who you are, uncovering the canvas of your life.

See every stage and every phase is creating a master piece, that essence of you.

Your fingers by design have been placed in those colors.

Those bold colors, that say “I AM DISCOVERING.”

Maybe a chiseled sculpted piece, painful yet beautifully you.

Or a stained glass, stained by those tears yet perfectly broken.

Everything’s been set in place awaiting your arrival.

If we are created in his image, then you too were built to endure.

The art of discovery, will lead you to reveal HIS work of art.




You’ve been gifted yet another day, where the sky continues to be your limit.

Where all your dreams remain possible.

The external things you have to deal with, will not impact your internal peace.

Today you’ve been equipped to step outside of the crowd.

Doing what only you can do all so well, and that is thrive.

You’ve mastered the art of enduring, and will continue through each given day.

To your naysayers the message is loud “I’ll give you something to talk about.”

To your sideline watchers “I’ll give you something worth watching.”

With your eyes on his intended plan, success is your reality.

Definitely, obtaining the mark of sweet victory makes it all worth it!




Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Could your reality and things you daily face switch?

Could they become too good to be true or seem unreal?

 Tears of sorrow, now tears of joy.

No longer just tolerated, but celebrated.

As you row your boat and move through life…

Have the streams been gentle?

I beg to differ.

 The boat is your life, the stream being the things that you face or will encounter.

At times everything inside screams at the agony, but today I say …

Merrily, merrily, merrily, life can be like a dream.

Do you remember those times that felt like a nightmare?

When you waited for your alarm clock to wake you up.

 Ring, Ring, Ring… indeed your season’s changed.

You’re no longer where you use to be.
Your seed is coming up out the ground.

In fact , the water for your seed were your tears.

In this 9th month, start expecting.

For GREATER things are about to unfold.


One would say that to be led in the path we take is so important, and there is a leading that’s second to none. In life and with the breaking of every new day, the sun will always light the way.

So let the sunshine, let the wind blow, let the rain fall. Don’t forget to let God lead the way. The sound of the times will always resound through every mountain and every valley low.

There you whisper, God yoU & I will DANCE. With uplifted hands, shoulders squared, feet planted… Take the lead, and I’ll follow. Through my trying times the melody of life sings a song, that the rain will always cause my seed to grow. While giving water to my thirsty soul.

Another sound that I consistently hear within, is that the wind will cause every substitution to go. Those things that have no meaning and seemingly take up space. When the real deal awaits, patiently for that final day.

See, you are never without a light. Even in the darkest times we call night, he’s provided the moonlight. Let the sunshine, let the wind blow, let the rain fall. Light of the world, you continue to light the way.