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Hello World

Imagine walking into a crowed room and taking a seat in the very last row, in a chair nearest to the door.

You observe and listen in on the different conversations. At times you manage to say hi, with an unsure smile…

Hello World, is what you are now saying with confidence. You’re now boldly standing in the same room where you quietly sat.

Every fiber of your being utters hello world, I AM. The echo of those words is an introduction, in that same place, with the same scenarios and those same circumstances. The difference here today is that you’ve been given every reason to step out.

You are ready to embrace the world. The driving force that defines you is everything your CREATOR said :

You are declaring… I AM created to accomplish. I AM equipped with everything I need.

Victory & Success are apart of my DNA. I AM destined to win by design!

From the seat where you comfortably sat to stepping out with all assurance.