One would say that to be led in the path we take is so important, and there is a leading that’s second to none. In life and with the breaking of every new day, the sun will always light the way.

So let the sunshine, let the wind blow, let the rain fall. Don’t forget to let God lead the way. The sound of the times will always resound through every mountain and every valley low.

There you whisper, God yoU & I will DANCE. With uplifted hands, shoulders squared, feet planted… Take the lead, and I’ll follow. Through my trying times the melody of life sings a song, that the rain will always cause my seed to grow. While giving water to my thirsty soul.

Another sound that I consistently hear within, is that the wind will cause every substitution to go. Those things that have no meaning and seemingly take up space. When the real deal awaits, patiently for that final day.

See, you are never without a light. Even in the darkest times we call night, he’s provided the moonlight. Let the sunshine, let the wind blow, let the rain fall. Light of the world, you continue to light the way.