The path that you’ve traveled is uniquely yours thus far & will always be.

This means that no other person was blessed with all of your experiences,

lessons, and even those things that you have yet to speak about.

I say blessed, because at times what we endure tends to be a blessing in disguise.

Covered up, wrapped up, and tangled up.

However, what you do becomes the determining factor.

Like traveling through that place that felt so low & so dry.

Let me remind you, the valley experiences will usher you into your high place.

The reality remains, the valley was necessary in order to get you there.

The valley is not only a place full of despair.

I’ll say, it’s where you make progress in the process of obtaining that promise.

A place that brings you closer to grabbing hold of faith.

Those things that you hope for and those things that you have yet to see.

Till now…

At times you may find yourself crawling, or even flat on your face

but step by step & day by day, you will find the way.

Reach forth…

Grab hold…

It is yours for the taking!