Promise Of A Lifetime




The different chapters, were never written to change the end of your story.

In fact it’s all working for good & that’s his promise.

More so, what’s whole heartedly given is never a waste.

Believe, that all things will be accounted for.

Besides you’re only making room for more.

Your tears that flowed only watered that seed & cultivating your soil was the sweat from your brow.

Definitely, all that you need will unfold.

For indeed, there are good things to behold!

So in the meantime & in between time.

Better things await, with all those acquired lessons.

See you’ve only gained wisdom & bitterness was never meant to rest within that heart of yours.

I know that life’s thrown its best punch.

Guess what? Throw it right back!

Those things that have come to rob you, will not persist.

May your sign always display “under 24 hours surveillance or better yet,

“Protected by THE MOST HIGH.”

On today set things in order, they must line up.

History’s already announced, unbreakable is the fabric of who you are.

Matter of fact, you’ve been broken in all the right places.

During creation, you were labeled “GOOD”.

There, and that’s all you can truly be.

His stamp of approval equates to a promise of a lifetime.