Set Sail


It’s once again time to set sail. Even if 2017 was not a year of smooth sailing.

Even if you came to the end of last year, feeling as if the wind was knock out of your sail.

Gather your strength, it’s time for a second wind.

Before you start don’t forget to quiet down & hear from Life’s Captain.

The One that carries you through the storms of life, deep & troubled waters.

He knows where the sun will set, even if it’s on the horizons.

There were things that you had to toss overboard, for they were not needed.

Guess what?

You are equipped & ready like never before.

Not only are you setting sail but the waters are yours to explore.

The wind is blowing & I faintly hear, “I control the wind & the waves.”

“Only I fully know where you’re headed.”

“Trust me to lead the way.”

“Like a compass, I’ll guide you.”

“Anchor your life in me.”

Keep your focus…

All Aboard…

It’s time, let’s go!