It’s been days, weeks, months or even years…. Look around, you’re no longer where you use to be. Remember the pain, remember the disappointment and remember the doubt,  wondering if you would even make it. NOW it seems like a faded memory. Remember the tears that always flowed during the stillness of the night. At least your heart no longer bleeds like it use to. But your experiences have made you wiser and even a little kinder. You have moved past bitter and landed on better. You are priceless! It’s no longer why me? Instead it’s why not me. Life’s agony, led you to trust eternity’s plan. Truth is, you ran out of options and discovered HIS ways were best. Like a proud parent watching you during your dress rehearsal, “you have come this far and you are made for this” is what your father now says. My standing ovation is set, cause I will always stand for you. Within, you silently question, “made for this?” But it seems like everything’s gone wrong, or things that were unplanned just happened. He gently whispers, I included it all in my plans. A diamond in the rough, that through the process of living you will now shine. Going through your fiery trials  like gold, you’ve been refined.  A treasure chest you’ve been since, that moment in time.

READY, SET, GOLD… It’s Time To SHINE!!!  Take 1, you’re the main character, made for this starring role. Your story was written before time began and started to unfold. My peace will lead you and my joy will meet you.

IT’s Time TO SHINE!!!