What if 2017 is your set time to discover.

The entrance into a place of  discovering a whole new world, new possibilities, and opportunities.

The process of discovering, being uniquely yours.

Your tailored made expression, that takes you there.

One the utilizes every fabric of who you are, uncovering the canvas of your life.

See every stage and every phase is creating a master piece, that essence of you.

Your fingers by design have been placed in those colors.

Those bold colors, that say “I AM DISCOVERING.”

Maybe a chiseled sculpted piece, painful yet beautifully you.

Or a stained glass, stained by those tears yet perfectly broken.

Everything’s been set in place awaiting your arrival.

If we are created in his image, then you too were built to endure.

The art of discovery, will lead you to reveal HIS work of art.