The pain behind the smile.

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is true then my smile is a reflection of all, I’ve had to endure. A lifetime frown, turned inside out & upside down. Planted in this place, leaves me no other option but to be built up from the ground up.

    Being made from the ashes of despair gives me a permanent reminder. That in the process of time, a garment of gladness is my daily wear. See, being sculpted from heaviness can result to pure joy. A foundation of heartbreak anchors me to a lifetime of gratitude.

    This etched out smile isn’t saying that  everything finally fell in place. What it says is that it all fell apart to be put back together again. This time around, all that resounds is better. Even though the walls were painted with setback, looking at those very walls…

    I now see brighter. From this  place, the journey’s a lil clearer. Oh how far I’ve come. Looking out the window of the only home I’ve known,  leads me to look up and in looking up is where I’ve found it all.

    The pain behind the smile remains my point of reference, in knowing bad you’ve been conditioned to appreciate good. This smile comes from within, and the external holds no weight when it comes to those things that’s within.

    Finally, I’ve discovered that with pain came wisdom, and wisdom that brought understanding. One that ushers you into that place. Now today the birth of what you are continues to unfold, like a story that’s yet to be told. That smile remains a preview of all.

A timeless tale that’s yet to come.