What is the core of your foundation?

In all that you do…

Maybe bricks or even sticks.

You know that building upon truth will always cause your efforts to last.

Not saying that things will turn out like you plan.

Instead because of how you build, you can never go under.

For you’re the one, that’s meant to come out the fire.

You’re the one, that will come out the flood.

You’re the one, that was meant to always rise.

See YOU were built to last.

The truth will always bring you to a place of liberation.

Truth in essence, is the root of your very foundation.

Sort of like that thing, the raging storm could never uproot.

One that draws from living waters.

Bringing forth fruit in your season.

I see a tree, planted.

Therefore, life can never cause your efforts to die.

To that I said, indeed you will always rise.

In fact dream yet another dream.

How ridiculous is it?

Yes, that must be the one.

Your productivity is solely based on your posture in the vine. Much fruit in all that you do, is what’s meant to be.

For in this place, you’ve been given a second wind.

So stay your course.

In fact, your end is expected.

For that’s the truth, the only way and your given life.